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Welcome to view the consulting services of Market Touch Ltd, responsibility of our independent senior consultant and
CEO,  Esko Haavisto.

Oy Market Touch Ltd - a consultancy with a broad choice of services.  We are celebrating our 20 years in business in 2015

Market Touch Ltd is a company with versatile packages of services and products, concepts, ideas and a network of contacts! Contacts is a key to success in todays world of busy business. No one can succeed alone, without good contacts, new ideas and solid coaching even at the top.
A broad experience in international business consulting, a linguistic package worth a pan of gold and an open mind to development are our keys to create success to our clients

This is where we can be of service to you- tailor made:

- General management, interrim management, all-round support
- Human resources evaluation, setting up systems for appraisal, recruitment, head-hunting, interviews, testing relocating, outplacement, remuneration
- Marketing communications, evaluation, advertizing agency contacts support, product management training and aid in product management
- Concept development and evaluation, design, creative direction, brain storming, Advertizing agency competitions and advertisement assessment, original idea generation 
- Training and management development

- Linguistics (Esko Haavisto)
FINNISH native
SWEDISH; fluent
NORWEGIAN - skandinaviska
GERMAN; working knowledge
FRENCH; working knowledge
ENGLISH; fluent
DUTCH; certificaat Nederlands, hoogste niveau
translations Dutch-Finnish, Dutch-English,
Other languages are available, if  required   

We also are involved in the production of music, publications and  public performances

Experience and creativity, positive attitude and a mind for development draw a combination of tools needed for a balanced consulting business.
As we are open towards our customers and their ideas, we can give a fresh look into their businesses, not pushing standard solutions. Every business has its own critical success factors, a personality, a profile. Therefore a solution and a method should be flexible, tailor-made.
We operate with an individual approach suited best to the needs of our valued customer.

Esko Haavisto

The founder of Market Touch Ltd (1995)
is Mr. Esko Haavisto, Doctor of Business Administration and
an independent senior consultant.
Market Touch is a business consulting operation
with areas of specialization,
including Marketing and Sales, HR, including Head-hunting,
trainig, linguistics, networking, productions, software,
communication evaluation etc.
Market Touch Ltd. gives leaders operational
advice and support to succeed in their challenges

Examples of References:

Esko has served Finnish and international companies and organizations, including:
- Unilever ( 8 years of service in three countries )
-Commercial secretary for fixed term of 5 years in the Hague for the Embassy of Finland
-the Coca-Cola Company (country manager for Finland, three years)
-Finnish Institute in London ( board of advisors )
-Finnish Seamens Missions (international organisation, vice chairman 1993-1999)
Travel and Tourism Services Promotion for Companies in Finland, Sweden, Norway

-Esko has run his Motel-Restaurant and training center
in the Lake District in Jyväskylä region throughout the 2nd millenium up to date. 
-As chairman of the Kärkisten vesiosuuskunta co-op during the project start-up and building of the local drinking water and sewage infrastructure he helped lay down tens of  kilometres of pipe to facilitate environmental utilities to some 300 homes in the rural area in 2004-2009 .

This might be a good basic process
for a consulting project:
- Initial Briefing and situation analyses 
- First reactions and focusing points
- Counter Briefing by the consultant 
- Tests and models - solving complexities
- Suggestions and  approving of sub-projects
- Setting up needed teams and resources
- Creating Solutions
- Operative actions and reactions - real life change  
- Measuring results, feed back and adjustments
- Evaluation
- Agreement on eventual next steps