Mighty Jewel and the Vikings - Mahtava Jalokivi ja Viikingit ©

The Journey starts

The Vikings raid the village in Finland
The Journey starts
Wishing God's speed
Where is thy loved one?
Missing my Father
Treasure will be ours
Journey to Target
Court Dinner
Russian Waltz
The Robbery
King Rurik´s reply
Secret of the Jewel
The Wedding March
The vows
The Knighthood
Towards home
Happy Finale

The Decision to leave
The deal is done, provisions are carried onboard the viking ship and the two hostages are forced onboard.

Bravely to the Journey

We´ll start our journey
the goal is calling
we fear no end
no river bend
there is a goal
it calls our names
we fear no danger
no natures´ anger

Novgorod soon welcomes us
a treasure hunters paradise
We´ll start our journey
to destinations
We fear no danger
no routes -all stranger
A gem, a jewel awaits us there
a treasure hunters dream, we´re coming here
Many perils waters disguise
Our journey has to be wise
We´re leaving now,
we have a goal
we still fear no danger
routes that all turn stranger
A destination
feeding our imagination
a treasure hiding
a jewel seeking finding
dangers, strangers
rocky waters
hiding there in waiting
A destination
is soon to be seen
We still fear no danger
routes that all turn stranger
It defines our destiny

There are perils in store for us
Always lurking in days, in nights
We´re swinging weapons, swaying ores
cruel is our might
awake through the night
Destiny´s perils
hunting us always
A viking drinks stormy waters
fights and tastes
the rusty blood aromas
exhausted he slaves in weapons and ores
cruelty our might
awake through the night
How could a viking
ever give love
warm in the heart
have feelings off chart
a bloody sword on waist packed tight
awake alone he lays all through the night
horros still in eyes
it only serves him right
Can we find a river route that´s shorter
any river bends with warmer water
Are there pleasant winds that hail us
Any lands that friendly will prevail us
Is there another way to live a life?

An Opera by Esko Haavisto

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