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Motel-Restaurant-Yachting Club LOSSIVAHTI Korpilahti, Finland

Both our restaurant and our cuisine have rich histories...
But history aside- we have a lot going on:
November 25 a swinging singles party- where you might win a cruise!(Or find the One and Only!)
December 1 Karaoke competition - where you might get a recording contract and become famous!
Several private Christmas parties & functions have been booked
-More dates available- do not hesitate to ask!

Lossivahti Motel-Restaurant Yachting Club serves as the training center for Oy Market Touch Ltd. It also is the setting for many a private occation and party. In the midst of the beautiful Finnish scenery- we could not imagine a better place to spend an evening in the Christmas Dinner mood... Come and enjoy our food and music. You can land on our Helipad using your own Helicopter or have us arrange for one.

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Reviews and Accolades

" After a day out fishing in the late october coolness, nothing could have been beteer than enjoying the oven dish magically prepared from the fish we caught! I will never forget it and we will be back!!" (Cite from our guest-book)

"We felt for a pizza and got a perfect one. The cook was friendly and kids loved it. The next day our plates were decorated with the best of French cuisine.- Marvellous"

"We had a training session. I could not have imagined a better way to test the newly aquired knowledge in group dynamics than preparing our last evenings dinner together in the retsaurant kitchen. Dressed in white aprons and hats we looked like a group of cooks. The food tasted professional as well. Thank you- we will be back - not only for the food and learning but equally hungry for more of the beautiful songs and music of Mr Esko Haavisto, the owner.

Our Cuisine

Our kitchen serves you and your guests with a choice of well prepared, natural and fresh rawmaterials turned into enjoyable meals. We cook Finnish, balanced foods but gladly create your ideas into memorable eating. You are welcome to come early and join us in preparing the private dinner party you always wanted to arrange!