Mighty Jewel and the Vikings - Mahtava Jalokivi ja Viikingit ©

Mighty Jewel and the Vikings Overture

The Vikings raid the village in Finland
The Journey starts
Wishing God's speed
Where is thy loved one?
Missing my Father
Treasure will be ours
Journey to Target
Court Dinner
Russian Waltz
The Robbery
King Rurik´s reply
Secret of the Jewel
The Wedding March
The vows
The Knighthood
Towards home
Happy Finale

Tools for the production:

For Opera production work, MIDI files are available.

Choir arrangements and notation is not yet available.

Music is recorded and uploaded here in mp3 format.

A sung version (author singing all the arias in solo for demo purposes) is available in Finnish language for the time being

The Ouverture

I wanted this part of the music to be handsome, a bit scary and powerful. One should feel that the Vikings are coming in proud and self-secure, rowing in the rhytm through the lake, landing on the shore of the Village.

An Opera by Esko Haavisto

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