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The Vikings raid the village in Finland
The Journey starts
Wishing God's speed
Where is thy loved one?
Missing my Father
Treasure will be ours
Journey to Target
Court Dinner
Russian Waltz
The Robbery
King Rurik´s reply
Secret of the Jewel
The Wedding March
The vows
The Knighthood
Towards home
Happy Finale


An Opera is a work combining music, singing, a story and a central idea, employing many kinds of expressive art, singing solo, in choir, dance, decor in the set, costumes and electronic effects, and so on. Until produced on stage or the screen, we have to rely on our imagination that the music feeds.

Mighty Jewel and the Vikings is an Opera with a strong central idea. The adventure, the journey takes us to the inner works of mankind, we will experience, treath of violence, greed, crime, love, fear, heroism and moments of joy, anger, victory and loss. We shall contemplate the purpose of our existence. We will find peace.

It is a lot, a big promise, a strong message for just an opera.

We should learn what the Mightiest of all Jewels is and take that knowledge with us as we have spent our evening at the opera.

What do I want with this creation?

My father was a war hero, handicapped in the war Finland and Russia fought 1939-45. He died at the age of 67. My mother served as "Lotta", listening and watching the skies for enemy airplanes at observation posts, so that alarm could be sent on time to move the civilians to safety before bombing started.

I was born just ten years after the war and grew to appreciate peace. It brakes my heart to see the suffering still going on around the world.

Are we any more civilized than the Huns, the Vikings or other looters wanting economic, religious or political gain?

The history untold is that of the Russians, who partially originated from Sweden's Rosland, land of roses, just next to Stockholm, and from Finland. The Varjags, (wolfhunters?), the ex-vikings were asked to come and create peace in The tribal areas of what is present day Russia and Ukraina. One of these Varjags was king Rurik, who is one of the central characters of this opera. History tells us, that he created a society that kept peace for 200 years, from ca, 950-1150 A.D.

You can download a history leaflet below my portrait here to the right...

So What do I want with this opera?

I want to help change the world for the better!

Maybe, just maybe with the use of Drama that Opera presents, we can make the point clear.

Greed, violence and envy, disagreement and intolerance to differences will kill us all, if we do not wake up.

The human qualities of empathy and compassion are in our present world becoming merely empty words.

As we can experience through the news, the world has not changed at all in thousands of years.

Houses still need to be rebuilt and are bombed to shatters, young men's blood still is being spilled for nothing, children, women, boys, mothers and fathers killed and ripped apart from each other. Misery for what?

The Mighty Jewel is available to all. It brings wealth and happiness to everybody, it really does. This is what my opera is about.

I got the inspiration, I wrote the story and composed the music as if this was my fever and purpose in life.

I hope you will support this work by helping me produce it and most of all listening to it and spreading the word. For contacts, there is a mail-link under my picture, and there is a link to the history-leaflet you can download.

Thank You all, who share my hope and my trust for a better world!

And thank you Yamaha, for developing the Tyros and Genos keyboard instruments I have purchased and used in bringing this opera to this development stage.

The author
Esko Haavisto
Viking King Co.
Produzzioni Bravissimi

Dr.Esko Haavisto
tel +358 400 512 311

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